Online reviews and their impact on your business.

Do you check reviews before you end up with any deal? This is a common habit these days people are accustomed to in order to be sure about their transactions. And the healthcare industry, too, is a part of it. Patients today highly rely on online reviews in order to verify a doctor’s reputation and practices. The new results reveal that about 81% of the patients rely on online reviews when selecting their healthcare provider. Hence, it cannot be denied that your online reputation is always something that serves as a reflection of your first impression to your patients.

Reviews and likes are essential if you wish to make your healthcare centre popular. This clearly states the amount of work you need to put in to improve your online reviews and get rid of the negative impressions of your patients about your practices. Not only does the quality of reviews, whether negative or positive, matter. There are many other factors that should also be taken into concern- this includes volume, age, as well as whether you are effectively responding to these reviews or not. All of these factors affect how you practice and online reputation before the existing and target patients. And this is where it becomes essential to take the help of CRM service providers like My Customer Hero. We offer online review services alongside Facebook, Instagram and Google lead to help your business grow.

5 Online Review Mistakes That Can Lead You To Lose Your Prospective Patients

Reviews serve as a reflection of the type of experience patients at your clinic receive. Since reviews are the first thing that comes up in the search results, it is essential to work on improving them in the best way possible, keeping the negative ones away. And the key here for better CRM is to avail the help of CRM service provider CRM My Customer Hero which gets you good client reviews and helps to recognize things that are likely to turn down your patients and end up affecting their decisions. Below are 5 online review mistakes likely to leave behind a negative impact on your new patients.

Old Reviews

online reputation-google reviews for dentists

Patients love to read reviews about your clinic and its services. They help to add some credence to your popularity and presence in the locality. But, simply a high quantity of reviews is not enough to help you save your online healthcare reputation in case they do not flow in frequently. This is why it is important to work effectively to get reviews on almost a daily basis in order to boost the trust of your patients in your service and attract new clients.

No reviews or a lot of negative reviews

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Zero reviews are just as bad as the negative reviews on your business page online. In fact, zero reviews at times do more harm than negative reviews. Also, note that too many of the negative reviews are indicative of your bad service procedures at the clinic. To some patients. Zero review means an inauthentic business or a business with no credibility online. If your prospective patients do not find any reviews or negative reviews about your clinic, they would not mind taking their business somewhere else. It is important to work on improving your service to overcome these negative reviews with good ones.

A lot of 5 Star ratings

how to get 5 star google reviews

When you look for some service, don’t you think of a business twice before entering into a deal if their page shows too many 5 star rated reviews? That is the case with most of your patients as well. Too many 5-star ratings appear like something done intentionally to create a positive review about your clinic. Hence, something like this on your page is likely to create a negative impact on your new patients.

Patients keep looking at different review websites to draw a better picture of the healthcare provider they wish to visit. Landing up with inconsistent information irrespective of the quality of service you provide is likely to create confusion among them. Hence, there are chances for your clinic to end up losing some prospective clients. It is important that you offer proper details about your clinic, its services, and timings on all the websites.

Zero response to reviews posted by patients from your end

responding to reveiws

It is a harsh truth that even a clinic offering good quality service is likely to end up with negative reviews at some point or the other. It is very important to provide some response to this kind of review from your end. This reveals your care for your clinic, its reputation, and the patients seeking your service. However, it might not be always possible for you to respond to all the reviews or reply to queries on the online forum owing to your busy schedule. It is where professional CRM service providers like My Customer Hero come to the rescue with our Capture, Convert, Nurture and Manage solutions which include taking care of your social media page, creating and responding to the online forms, SMS and reviews.

Wrapping Up

As your healthcare practice is about reputation and the service quality you offer, it is very important to take care of these few issues with the online reviews mentioned above. While you can adhere to the DIY method to fix these, a professional CRM service provider assures you better assistance as per need. Get in touch with our experts at  My Customer Hero.