As a business owner, you would never love seeing any negative reviews about your products and services. However, in the real-world scenario, negative reviews are a part of your deals. They can just come even with the best set of products or services. Distress and anxiety are two common factors that business owners encounter upon seeing a negative review. While one negative review can be skillfully handled with 2-3 positive reviews, what shall you do if you end up with tens of negative reviews all at once? Maybe a prank by any of your competitors, or maybe some serious buyers are upset with your deals. While there are ways you can handle the legit negative reviews, this article is going to offer you tips to fight fake negative Google Reviews to save your business reputation.

How To Recognize Fake Negative Reviews?

Here are some signs and symbols that will help you analyze whether your business is attacked by competitors with negative reviews:

  • Your My Business profile on Google has numerous negative reviews with 1 star over a relatively short time span, and this is in contrast to the pace you get reviews.
  • These negative reviews usually come with no detailed feedback. They are all about low star ratings.
  • These reviews are from Google user profiles that made just 1 or 2 reviews since the day they came into existence.
  • All reviews made from the Google user account are baseless and negative and are done almost at the same time from different locations.
  • In case the negative reviews contain some feedback, they either have a personal attack like tone or describe an experience about something in contrast to what your business offers.

How to Combat the Negative Review attack?

Do not panic if you come across a series of negative reviews for your products and services. Here are 6 ways you have in hand to fight back a negative review attack you are experiencing on your Google My Business profile.

Report the reviews manually with various accounts

Google will not take the pain of removing these reviews from your profile just because they are annoying to you and your business. Google offers highly pro-user-generated information, and you have any tools to remove these images or reviews manually. However, this requires certain expertise to use these mentioned tool sets to flag or report these negative review contents on your Business profile. The best part is that we at My Customer Hero take the review section of your business profile in charge. And then we make the necessary action to remove negative reviews manually.

Report reviews calling CRM

Our experts at My Customer Hero love talking to you and learning about your problems, along with solving them! Unlike some social media platforms which prefer relying on their messaging platform to acknowledge and solve issues, internet browsers lay a lot of emphasis on their telephone calls and talk directly to their users over the phone. ‘Talk to a Specialist’ is a very useful tool by some of these browsers to help you get in touch with one of the representatives from the team. You can report negative reviews to any of the Specialists and flag the reviews you think are suspicious and fake. However, this is likely to take a lot of your time, energy, and patience. My Customer Hero does this all for you at a reasonable charge with 100% service satisfaction.

Reply to the review highlighting why you consider it fake

Even though you might be waiting for the bunch of negative reviews on your account to be reviewed by a Google specialist, it doesn’t mean you should sit idle and do nothing about the same. The trick is to reply to the negative review and criticize it publicly for its authenticity.

Raise the issue on your Social Media Account and provide an explanation

People these days are socially connected over various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you end up with a fake negative review situation, talk about this issue on your social media accounts. And provide an explanation to help your existing and prospective clients get a better idea. This is one of the most commonly used techniques to fight back fake negative reviews that My Customer Hero does. To get it done like a pro, opt for FB, Insta & Google leads service by My Customer Hero.

Try to generate a lot of positive reviews

In the meantime, while Google Specialist is dealing with your fake negative review situation, you are advised to work on improving the number of positive reviews your account has. Our technicians at My Customer Hero do this in the best possible way to make sure that negative reviews have almost zero impact on your business.

Wrapping Up

Considering these above-mentioned steps will help you to combat fake negative reviews trying to ruin your business reputation. For better assistance to deal with this scenario and enjoy a growth of your business with good reviews, get in touch with a Professional CRM service provider at My Customer Hero.