A lot of people today are more concerned about online reviews than before. At every point of their purchase decision, reviews are now a big part- be it with a doctor’s appointment or with apparel shopping. In fact, as per a report considered in 2013, over 80% of the patients adhered to the survey strategy to find out a doctor with positive reviews. Hence, there is no denying that reviews are looked upon as the first step. But a good patient feedback system is equally important for healthcare providers. Patient feedback offers service providers the ability to enhance their service quality, identify the gaps, improve patient engagement and boost revenue.

This article highlights 6 reasons justifying the importance of patient feedback. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Reasons Why Patient Feedback Is Important

Here is why you should lay importance on patient feedback to enjoy the success and growth of your healthcare unit.

Understanding why reviews are essential

Patients may offer a positive review or a 5-star rating. But it is important to dig a little deep to get an idea about the reasons behind why  online reviews are essential. This will help you to get some additional insights. We at My Customer Hero offer review services, and we make it super simple to send review requests through our system. The team just needs to click the button and a review request gets sent to the customer on their phone number or email with your brand name in a professional manner.

Say, for instance, nearly all positive reviews will consist of adjectives like “excellent”, “thorough and”, “friendly”, whereas the negative reviews will have words like “unprofessional”, ‘”rude” and so on- for describing factors such as the service quality of the support staff, dealing with insurance, wait time and ambiance. This clearly states that patients offer positive reviews to the providers who offer them good service behavior, whereas negative reviews for those who fail to live up to their expectations.

Having a good patient feedback system beyond the limits of online reviews can offer you a piece of detailed information about every single patient case you have dealt with and understand the causes behind a neutral or negative, or positive review. This will also help you to improve the service or retain quality as recommended.

To skillfully manage your online reputation

In order to stand out in the present-day competitive healthcare scenario, it is essential to manage your online reputation in the best way possible. Patients not only just leave behind online reviews and ratings but also make referrals on social media and make others aware of your service quality, wait time, staff, and doctors at your clinic and whether they feel the service providers are trustworthy and knowledgeable or not. With a good patient feedback system in existence, you can easily monitor all online reviews and ask for further details about a certain episode of the treatment, resolve issues, if any, and also motivate the patients to leave a positive review or a follow-up review.

For Betterment of your service

The one way you can improve the service quality of your patients is by understanding the experience they are receiving. Ask your patients for feedback regarding everything related to your service- from scheduling appointments to wait time, experience with doctor’s bedside manner, communication, professionalism, aftercare, and more. You can also ask your patients about steps that you should be implementing to improve your service quality. An innovative way to improve your services is to cut down the waiting time for your customers by availing of the online appointment scheduling and invoicing services offered by My Customer Hero.

To improve patient engagement

When the patients have the feeling of being listened to by others and how much the feedback they give matters, it helps to improve patient engagement- which is looked upon as an important thing to enhance retention as well as health outcomes. Studies even suggest that patient experience is linked directly to their better health outcomes.

To get a view of your position in the industry

If you want to measure the importance of your service in the industry you serve, the best way to do this is through feedback from patients.

Reducing the gaps in your service

In order to take your healthcare unit to the next level of success and stand out in the market from your competitors, it is essential to understand the flaws in your service and work to fill in those gaps with utmost care. And only patient feedback is considered the best tool to analyze and identify these gaps.

Wrapping Up

Rather than verbally asking your patients for feedback or review, it is always suggested to opt for some documentation. And with technology now playing a major role, online feedback is all that you need. However, managing service quality and feedback records together are not as easy as it sounds. To help you deal with everything smoothly and effortlessly, get in touch with My Customer Hero. We are a well-known professional CRM service provider and assure our service within an affordable range.