Like all other businesses, dental practices also may need to consider focused efforts on improving patient experience to ensure delivery of quality enriched customer service with a growing base of happy patients. However, it has been seen that many dental schools rarely focus on the importance of customer service strategies in their curriculum. Good customer service is an important factor that dental professionals need to master in order to retain goodwill, growth, and success. Unfortunately, this is something dental practitioners need to learn through their own service experience. And, even though your best patient experiences may come to you in different forms, the set of strategies that will help to grow your career may be specific just to you and your patients. Here you will be learning about a few tips that can improve the customer experience patients get at your dental clinic.

6 Tips to become the Santa of your Dental Clinic

Longing for advice on how to improve the customer experience at your dental clinic? Here are tips to help you:

Streamline your appointment scheduling and payment services

From email to text message appointment reminders to an array of payment options both online and in cash, customers appreciate the blessing of streamlined and modern services. You may be willing to provide the same scheduling options and payment gateways as your competitors, but how will that make you better? It is important to find out measures that will help to make your appointment scheduling and payment services unique and most desired. To retain professionalism in everything related to the appointment scheduling and payment services in your clinic, it is advisable to hire help from a professional CRM service provider like  My Customer Hero.

Enhance the Patient-Doctor relationship

Patients tend to stay loyal to their dental practitioners if you can make them feel valued. It is important to develop a strong bond between you, your staff, and your patients. This does not mean taking every detail about their life into concern, but some basic facts and remembering the reason they last visited will help them think of your care and concern. You can call your patients by their names and engage in some chit-chat while carrying out the diagnosis and treatment. SMS and conversation service offered by our excellent software My Customer Hero is something worth it for developing a patient-doctor bond.

Get Some memorable amenities at the Dental Clinic

Offering your patients with some memorable amenities every time they visit your clinic can boost their experience and get you positive reviews. You need to think of amenities that are going to amaze your patients- be it a comfortable chair, games, toys for kids, music, free Wi-Fi, Chapstick, Eye pillow, neck pillow, stress balls, aromatherapy, complimentary snacks, beverages, aromatherapy and so on.

Follow-up Calls

A patient would definitely love to receive follow-up calls from his/her dental practitioner. Think of a patient who just had a painful day getting a root canal procedure done, or braces, or anything else. They could encounter severe pain and discomfort later. And a call from their dentist to check on how things are going with the post-treatment phase will address a lot of experiences they gathered in mind regarding you and your clinic. Get assistance from our experts at My Customer Hero to make things easy with follow-up calls. Their Online forms and SMS service find good use here.

Keep your patients involved and informed

An amazing way to enhance c customer service in your dental clinic is by explaining more as well as listening more. Dentistry involves a lot of fear, anxiety, and denial, where the greatest support a patient expects is from the dental practitioner. Besides, staff should be co-operative as well and provide good detail about the clinic and its services to the new patients.

Feedback collection system

It is tough to get feedback from every single patient visiting your dental clinic. However, it is equally important to get an idea about their experience with your services at your clinic. The easiest way to do this is to create a system to receive feedback, such as a Google My Business listing or Yelp Page or a suggestion box in your clinic’s waiting room. These reviews will help you understand what patients love most about your service and where you should put in more effort. The online forms service offered by My Customer Hero is a powerful tool to collect customer feedback and modify your service for good.

Wrapping Up

No matter whatever strategy you select, the best possible way to make your patients happy is by understanding what they are looking for from your clinic and how to offer that. This can involve changes in your existing strategies, the introduction of new changes in your practices, or even seeking help from a professional CRM service provider like My Customer Hero , who can save you from the energy you have to spend brainstorming about the changes. Our professionals at My Customer Hero always make things easier to help your patients get a better view of your clinic.