The way people look at healthcare providers has changed dramatically with the advent of advanced communications and technology. More than 77 % of the people in the United States of America see the assistance of healthcare providers purely based on internet reviews. They search and find the best healthcare providers based on merit ratings and rankings that are available on the internet. 90% of people trust online reviews to determine the value of visiting a specific healthcare provider at that time.

What do people note from reviews and why?

So, regardless of the domain or discipline in the healthcare industry, it is understandable that getting good reviews matters a lot for healthcare providers. The analysts and statisticians who evaluate different types of reviews believe that even the negative reviews are going to be important from that perspective. One or two negative reviews here and there will go to show that the entire review is highly reliable and trustworthy. People are more focused on words when they read negative reviews to determine what is negative about a specific healthcare provider.

Why not to overlook the reviews?

So it becomes crucial for the healthcare provider to respond to these negative reviews as soon as possible. This need not be an argument, but it can be a sign of courtesy and professionalism to give a cursory explanation to the public. This is important if you want to sustain yourself in the industry with top rankings. Winning the goodwill of everyone is possible in that way through the internet reviews that you gain over some time,

whether you are a dentist or nephrologists. Having said that, do you have the time as a doctor or a dentist to manage online rankings, ratings, reviews, and social media comments? If you are going to appoint an administrator to look after all these aspects, can you completely trust his efficiency to maintain your reputation online? To answer these questions, customer relationship management software from My Customer Hero CRM can be a one-stop solution to fulfill all your requirements.

Growing customer’s satisfaction

The Health Care Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has to be borne in mind by the health care practitioners when they are going to answer the public review. As an e-commerce store owner, answering customers’ questions is not the same as answering patients’ questions. At the same time, when you are going to answer the customers’ or the patient’s questions, you are growing confident in the minds of the people that you are listening to what they have to say about your health care assistance, whether it is positive or negative.

  • Google reviews are considered to be the most trustworthy of all the reviewing platforms, and people are looking at the top of the best healthcare service providers.
  • So without any violations of regulatory authorities, how do you manage these Google reviews that come from far and wide?
  • What is the best way to respond to these reviews?
  • Where can you locate your prospective customers and receive remote feedback and reviews about your services in this industry?

Remember that these patients are living reviews on platforms that are most prominent and where people can notice them easily. It can be Trust pilot, Google My Business Pages, or even Yelp, for that matter.

Healthcare providers who list their business services in Google My Business are getting more leads. You are more visible to the public. That is the basis for your business process, and that is also the reason why you have to focus on Google reviews at the same time. Google My Business helps people locate your service area faster.

At the same time, people will also learn about your hours of service and contact details. An overall idea of your services is available to the public at a glance. If they shortlist you because of proximity, they will just review the reviews in the second step. So this is why maintaining reviews has become a crucial requirement for healthcare service providers who are ambitious to grow their business.

Studies report that 38% of users will disregard a bad comment if it receives a detailed and insightful response.

Why are people hesitant to react to Google reviews?

Due to their uncertainty over online involvement and concern over breaking HIPAA restrictions, medical practitioners may be reluctant to reply to internet evaluations.

Patients’ confidentiality and privacy are fundamental requirements in the medical field; therefore, there is good reason to be concerned about breaking such laws.

Individuals are permitted to discuss their disease or medication during a review, but clinicians must be careful not to do so since doing so might result in penalties or, in the most difficult situations, prison time.

Without any fear of disrupting the rules and regulations of HIPAA, you have a solution here.

Managing your reaction to Google reviews can be automated completely.


A patient review like this,

“I found it to be a waste of my money and time. I couldn’t get any assistance from the health care center support staff members while I was there by 11 p.m. when my appointment was just scheduled for 10:30.”

Now the best-automated response for this would be just like this:

“Thank you for your response and feedback; we appreciate that. We look forward to making every patient’s visit as comfortable and smooth as possible. This includes attending to patients who are 15 minutes late after their actual appointment time as well. So if you have any issues, please talk to us so we can investigate the situation and solve it as soon as possible.”

Now, this kind of automatic response is completely generic without finding fault with anyone, and people move on to understand things better. Like that, there is plenty in store with my customer hero CRM. Exploring the features and understanding how useful it could be while you partner with the best automatons’ in the business may skyrocket your profits.