For business owners to retain consumers, their clients managing capability is important.

Illustration- The way you interact with a patient has an impact on your professional reputation for health care professionals. Understanding this need for varied business owners, we spent months perfecting this capability for every other business owner using our CRM solutions. Yes, My Customer Hero CRM is super efficient.

Our SMS interface can be viewed in multiple ways

  • This can send out an automatic reminder regarding appointments to the clients.
  • This helps with receiving appointment dates and confirmation dates in real time.
  • This updates the status of the appointment once you receive confirmation from the customer side.
  • The interface engages in live conversation through text with the clients.
  • The messaging template can be selected according to your requirements. It could be standard, or it can be “off-the-cuff” messages. You call the best shots.

There are also texting options available for promotional needs as well as service updates in your business portal.

For instance, if you are running a massage therapy center, the clients will be fixing appointment dates for the entire month. It is to make sure that they get their slot while the massage center is occupied with clients when they visit. But what happens when someone does not make it in time?

It is a missed opportunity for the other parties involved in the affair. It is not even occupied by the people who are on the waiting list for appointments. So to avoid this, you can utilize the late cancellation policy that is automatically implemented with the My Customer Hero CRM software.

Automatically, reminders will be sent to the clients ahead of time. If you use the software for at least a couple of weeks using the free trial option, you will realize that the no-show rates will be cut down phenomenally.

Even if you could not fully avoid losing appointments in a week, the overall profit from running the massage center for the year is still significant. Save 3 calls a week that could have otherwise been lost. That is a valuable business made.

But hold on, installing CRM software isn’t just all about sending reminders to boost your profits. There is much more to it.

Here is a classical example:

  1. The progress of her engagements is immediately changed in our computer to indicate this affirmation once customers respond to the SMS message with a Y or N. For example, Jane, a salon customer today, responded “N” to reschedule her appointment for tomorrow. The condition is updated by our system, and the salon is immediately notified. Then the salon uses our back-and-forth messaging tool to text Jane live, directly within My Customer Hero CRM account. “Hey Jane You abandoned your visit, I see. Do you want to postpone for Thursday at the same time? I simply had that opening, and I wanted to inform you about it.”

Jane answers right away. You grab your business same way.

The other way you can use the SMS interface

Unexpected opening? Contact waitlist customers right away. Suppose a client calls to reschedule her meeting three hours in advance. You may quickly let everyone in the queue know that this spot has become vacant via SMS. This is the ideal technique to provide a recently open slot to several guests at once.

You may inform them that the reservation will go to the first person to answer because the responses are immediately pushed back into the My Customer Hero CRM Digital Diary. This function would become a potent tool to interact with your customers in a manner that’s beneficial for both of you when used in tandem with the Texting API.

Client relationships can be nurture, with a greeting text

If you are going to configure your account with us in such a way that you can send greeting messages to all your clients on scheduled dates, then that will be a fantastic relationship management strategy.

Respect your clients-Touch their emotions

For example, if you use this automated setup in the configuration to send a Christmas wish letter on time to your existing clients and even prospects, the clients will be happier for being remembered at the right time. Similarly, when you wish prospects and clients, a happy birthday or wedding anniversary, they understand how much you value them as customers.

Even though it is an automated message, people will appreciate it, which can even enhance the customer relationship and strengthen the client base in the long run.

Bulk mailing strategy

Customers should regularly be notified of service updates and promotions using bulk email sending options.

There is a special feature for this purpose in our database that allows you to text a specific set of clients regularly to inform them about the major updates you will make in your business stream. It could be a new product launch, a product promotion, or something as simple as a discount or even coupons.

All these are interesting things for the clients, and they will appreciate it much more when they are treated with prestige and royal consideration for their integrity with your business. This, in turn, can convert clients into fans and bring in more referral business for you.

To achieve more refined segmentation, there are advanced search facilities to generate selective recipients in the list that you prepare for configuration. Simply put, the SMS strategy you are following this way is equal to the money you are making out of your business. Finally, the customer relationship management chapter aims to empower customers and facilitate business growth through practice management features that have been tested and tried at My Customer Hero CRM.


Just because you have an effective and efficient way of managing your customer relationships, it doesn’t mean you can send text messages to your clients in the wee hours of the night. Text responsibly and make use of the wonderful setup.