Different types of SMS messages that you can automatically text to your clients

expanding the client base for retaining the existing client base is easier when you are going to listen to all these important ideas listed here. Client experience decides business prosperity and growth, and for that, you need to streamline your admin. My Customer Hero CRM software helps you to streamline your admin side to perfection. Whether it is appointment scheduling or invoicing, the management software can be at your disposal. Whether it is client’s notes or client’s conformations, you can trust the support system.

However, what do you do for client connectivity?

1. The humble textual message can do the magic for you

79% of the time, people prefer to open SMS messages rather than an email or any other form of communication, according to the statistics. The response time for SMS is quicker compared to email responses. So obviously, SMS text is going to be an excellent opportunity that opens up the Gateway of communication and connectivity with the client’s base and prospects. Everybody knows the importance of getting in touch with the clients, but there is a genial way of doing it.

Understanding the client care perspective and final objectives is important when you are going to configure your friendly SMS text messaging template.

Text that is good for Customers

Not all of the solutions will be respect to the parameters for your business, based on its nature. However, it’s still worthwhile to quickly read after them for some ideas. You can use the templates we’ve provided, which all adhere to the 155-character restriction.

2. New services

Inform everyone if a free platform is added or if a prospective employer joins your organization. Sending Text messages to your consumers should only be done with caution, even if any new signings to your business should be widely publicized. It could be wise to send these kinds of communications seldom so as not to bombard them.

3. Latest in the contact – using filters

If you don’t like to send quite a lot of text messages to all the clients more frequently, then you can filter the option and generate a list of clients, especially by choosing the tools available for filtering. Check details at My Customer Hero CRM.

For example, it can be something like those who have booked appointments recently with you can be sorted out to send the messages in just a click of a button.

4. Motivational texts

“All life, including yours, depends on water, so drink your recommended 8 glasses of water daily.”

If you are into the fitness industry, then you can send these types of texts to motivate them to stay fit by following your advice and tips.

5. New launches

“We’re on the web! (New site URL) is the URL for our brand-new webpage. Please visit, show some love, and share your thoughts with us.”

Instead of begging or commanding the clients, this is a genial way of getting their attention towards your new offer.

6. Service offers

“You, hello! Would you want additional information on [NEW PROMO)? A complimentary conference will be held on [SO AND SO DATE]. Join us for open discussion, a unique launch deal, and more!”

To get more attendees for your webinars, this is a trick that works if you choose to send bulk SMS

7. Instant follow up

Time has passed since your visit, yikes. What mood are you in? Please respond below and let us understand if there’s something we may be able to assist with.

Sometimes, this works to get back their attention again. Even if it works 5 out of 10 times, you are good to go.

8. Get more referrals

Template for opinions, reviews, and much more.

“Did you like your booking? Wish more people were aware of us. You can achieve your goals! Please visit [URL link] and spread the word about how fantastic we are.”

9. Annual greetings

Your anniversary is today, and we like anniversaries! Take 20% off any service at “url link “to let you rejoice. Applicable during the month of your anniversary.

A template that refreshes your customer relations

10. Missing customers

Filter checks the database, use this template to wake up those who are inactive.

Dear (name of the person), we don’t see you in 60 days, so we just tried to confirm to see how you’re fairing. You can reach us by phone if you desire assistance with something.

It’s amazing how quickly time goes by because it’s been 12 weeks since we last saw you. If you want to set up a meeting, please get in contact.

Character Limits Checking

Uncertain whether your SMS has become too extensive? It’s best to condense all the information into a single, brief Sms text because they are paid at conventional provider rates. The word count must be less than 160. To use this meter on the Sms Text Panel, one can constantly see how many bits your text comprises of.

Keep Name Lengths in mind

If you’re going to personalize your Text message, take into account that once the Hostname instantiates, the size of the text will differ wildly. The size of a name or service might range from a few words to several.

There are so many varieties of templates of this kind that might bring in a valuable turnaround in your business prospects. Configuring that whenever you find a couple of minutes, and saving it, will put the setup in auto-pilot mode to send these messages as scheduled.

Always remember,

Don’t spam! Text only if you have permission to do so. Subscribers can be texted constantly based on the preferences they logged in while registering on your portal.

Don’t overwhelm your customers with a whole lot of text messages too often. Overdoing it might make them not to notice some of the most important texts that you pass on in bulk autopilot modes.

Considering the ethics and legality, keep the interactions completely relevant. Get help from My Customer Hero CRM support crew.